Friday, August 7, 2009

alla prima

i began to do these small size alla prima painting. Both of these were done in less than 3 hr. They still need lot of work tho, didn't really came out the way i like. i will continue to work on my skill, and hopefully i will start to get better at it. but more importantly, i am really enjoying it!8x10_o/c
above, this spot was found when i went bike riding with Mike and Chu couple weeks ago. An abandon house that was built on a hill was almost completely bury by the trees, i thought it was really cool, so i went back last week and did a painting of it.
I did this one when Brad and I went to gas work park. It's a very cool park to do painting, i will definitely revisit.


tdchiu said...

Nice. Didn't know you went back. These are awesome paintings. I like the colors used. Feels realistic. Great job. Loving it.

tdchiu said...

i meant to say, feels real. Hopefully that makes more sense. Haha.